Bottled water, a disaster for man and the environment

More and more people use bottled water as drinking water. This is often because tap water is not trusted or because special qualities are expected. This is a myth, because bottled water is often worse than tap water. Moreover, the water is perishable after the bottle has been opened. It may quench thirst, but bottled water is a disaster for man and the environment.

More than 150 billion liters is packaged in PET bottles each year, requiring > 3 million tons of plastic. The production of the bottles and their transportation, both unfilled and filled, requires huge consumption of energy and raw materials and of course gigantic emissions of CO2

In a large part of the world the PET bottles are not recycled after use, resulting in a dramatically growing waste mountain.

Bottled water is a redundant product. The money, the energy and effort would better be spent on improving the water facilities of those who have chronic shortage.

Environmental impact of discarded water bottles

  • More than 200 million water bottles are discarded worldwide every day.
  • It takes 200 ml of oil to produce a plastic bottle.
  • The equivalent oil of 10,000 bottles would keep a car going for a year.
  • Massive amounts of greenhouse gases are produced from manufacturing plastic bottles.
  • Millions of liters of fuel are wasted every day transporting bottled water around the world.
  • Above all, virtually every independent study on bottled water shows contamination by bacteria and/or synthetic chemicals.