Water treatment at the point of use ... a necessity

The quality of tap water, for which the water supplier is responsible to the water meter, can in many cases be much better.

The taste and smell often leave much to be desired as a result of the products of the degradation of chlorine that are in the water. The chlorine is added to kill bacteria. Nevertheless, the drinking water provided is not sterile. Bacteria survive and multiply in water distribution systems and sneak into the home water piping. The situation becomes dangerous when groundwater can mingle with the purified water as a result of overdue maintenance of the distribution system.

The water supply is equally exposed to the consequences of all kinds of attacks on the environment. Outdated lead water piping shed lead particles which are very harmful to the health and should be removed at the point of use.

In general, no one can guarantee that tap water is completely free of bacteria, dissolved chemicals, heavy metals and even medicine residues.

Prime Water applies proven materials and techniques to solve these problems.